First Time ExperienceOctober 21, 2020


Nova is the latest app made by Panic and is a great native Mac app. I had a fairly great experience while trying it out but not without some of the frictions as every new app would have.

First Time ExperienceSeptember 29, 2020

PlayJS iPad App

I don't recall how I came upon this app but it seemed really compelling. I decided to try it on a trip recently. It's a fun app with some promise but a lot of friction.

First Time ExperienceSeptember 29, 2020

Github Codespaces

Github Codespaces (i.e. VSCode inside Github) is promising. It's remarkable just how portable they've made VSCode. This is a light, quick friction log on a first-time experience setting up Codespaces. More logs will surely come :-)

First Time ExperienceAugust 31, 2020

Friction logs are also great for analyzing end-user platforms. In this log, Rick and Cesar have a fun conversation around and it's usefulness.

Feature ExperienceAugust 25, 2020

NextJS - Update to 9.5.X

It's time to update our website that leverages NextJS to the latest release. In this feature experience, I embark on the quick journey of implementing the incremental static regeneration.

First Time ExperienceJune 24, 2020


With the popularity of the JAM Stack, platforms like Vercel and Netlify have become the go-to way to deploy websites. My first experience had to be to deploy FrictionLog's website in Vercel.

First Time ExperienceJune 6, 2020


I’ve tried a lot of CMS’s over the years but I specifically wanted to try out using GraphCMS as Friction Log’s headless CMS and I wasn’t disappointed.

First Time ExperienceMay 31, 2020

AWS Amplify

I was able to easily spin up a sample project, with a DynamoDB and GraphQL backend, play around with it, make changes, with very little friction. If I would’ve stopped at the introductory tutorial, I think my review would be a little different.

First Time ExperienceMay 24, 2020


The conventions and philosophy of Tailwind make quick work of converting a design to HTML/CSS.

First Time ExperienceMay 24, 2020


I’ve always wanted to build something on NextJS. Building out the Friction Log website was the perfect opportunity to do so.

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