Read of the week: "What I Learned About People that Scale"

I loved so much of this article. Very helpful.

React Fiber & 3D Scenes

This is an excellent article detailing React Fiber and 3D scenes. Check it out.

Warp: A Rust-driven Terminal

Planetscale + Prisma

Both of these are hot tech right now. Check the announcement.

Impressive VSCode Optimization

This was a pretty great read on the tehc challenges of bracket pair colorization.

Cloudflare Worker Services

This is big for them. They keep slowly taking over mindshare for serverless, in my opinion. Read the announcement

Speaking of CloudFlare Workers, they also announced socket support.

TSConfig Mono-Repo Tip

WASM / Rust / React Components

Rust is taking over a lot of developer mindshare, could this be a new pattern emerging?

Podcast: Cloud for Indie Developers

Sandpack from Codesandbox

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this but I guess it's, a programmatic Codesandbox? Check out the announcement

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