First Time ExperienceSeptember 29, 2020

Github Codespaces

Github Codespaces (i.e. VSCode inside Github) is promising. It's remarkable just how portable they've made VSCode. This is a light, quick friction log on a first-time experience setting up Codespaces. More logs will surely come :-)

with Rick Blalock

One important note for this log: This was done during the preview phase. We'll do a more thorough review once it's mainstream.

About the tester

Quick and simple: I've used VSCode for years and I've used Github for years. I've never used Codespaces prior to this log.

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Container boot time

Containers never boot up within the time limit threshold therefore it times out. I had to continually refresh a few times until it works. Sometimes you have to leave and come back or worse delete the code space, to get it to eventually work.

This is in preview though so it's understandable.


Setting sync doesn't work

You're able to sync your VSCode settings with Codespaces. It's really nice! However, they don't seem to persist across sessions.


iPad Magic Keyboard

The iPad magic keyboard doesn’t always scroll the window panes properly. Sometimes the arrows don't seem to work too.


Codespaces in the desktop version of VSCode

Codespaces don't show up in VSCode desktop app. There's an extension for it. The extension allows you to create a codespace. But it says something about Azure and a few other things which make it seem like it's something else.



Grabbing a NextJS app from our repo, opening it up, and previewing it while developing on it works really well.


Open from a repo

Jumping into a codespace from a repo is a dream.


VSCode on an iPad!

It’s VSCode top to bottom and using it on an iPad feels special.


Time to use is long

It takes a good amount of time to get a codespace spun up.

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