Use case

This simple friction log was done over about a week of use of For reference, the terminal time spent during this week was several hours but didn't cover a lot of in-depth terminal commands, mainly things like running Node, git commit commands, etc.

This is a first-time experience and I hope to revisit it soon in more depth.

Friction Logs


The intro / install screen was great. How they let you pick a theme, let you know what’s going on, etc. is perfect.

Personal email

Not sure why it asks to sign in with work email when you don’t have to use that (I tried a personal email)

What did it just do???

When I setup with ZSH, I assumed it took over my .zshrc but I wasn't sure. It didn't really spell out what it did. i.e. Did it back up my dot files? Later, I opened my .zshrc file and saw what it was doing and thought it was pretty cool how that was handled. A simple message letting me know the cool things they just did would turn this from a friction to a delight.

Responsive human support

I reached out for some support and they got back with me right away.

History stopped working all of a sudden

After a week or so, the up arrow and other common shortcuts stopped working. I got tired of trying to figure it out so I deleted it and all my history and other shortcuts started working again.

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