Detox - Mobile App Testing

Wix has an interesting E2E testing framework for mobile called Detox. Here's a sample test:

1describe('Login flow', () => {
3 it('should login successfully', async () => {
4 await device.reloadReactNative();
6 await element('email')).typeText('');
7 await element('password')).typeText('123456');
8 await element(by.text('Login')).tap();
10 await expect(element(by.text('Welcome'))).toBeVisible();
11 await expect(element('email'))).toNotExist();
12 });

Export Photoshop Layers

This script lets you export photoshop layers pretty fast. How the script works (i.e. read the source code) is the most fascinating part of this. is a cool JavaScript performance tool

Check it out here:

Three.js and some gorgeous glass effects

Here's a link to the article.

A great resource for Developer Tools

Read the article here

Controlling Excel Sheets with JavaScript is a thing

You've been able to do this with Google Sheets since forever. Now you can use JS with Excel.

API Client: Paw

It seems like by default collaborating with somebody with APIs required me to use POSTman but I grew tired of the interface and how it manages the APIs. I decided to give Paw a try and so far I'd recommend it. And yes... the import and export process to POSTman works!

Github graphs for your

What a great implementation of this concept. Check it out

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