About the tester and use case

I've been looking for a good iPad code editor app and this seemed interesting. This is a quick friction log on the experience I had while traveling across the country on a plane.

Friction Logs

Getting started

The getting started pop-up is way too long for a pop up at the beginning. It needs to be broken down more and assurance made that the user can go back to it at any time, to review.

No Github integration

There is no GitHub integration so setting up a repo is very manual process.

No easy way to create private/public keys

There's no easy way to create pub/private keys from the iPad.

Lack of customization

The theme-ing is lackluster at best. There's no ability to adjust the line-height.

Installing NPM packages blocks interaction

Installing npm packages all happens in the foreground so I was blocked until it’s done. Resolving modules


This is minor friction: It wasn’t immediately clear how to preview the react app after building it.

No hot reloading

Hot reloading doesn’t work (though you can just hit “refresh”).

No linting

You only get run time errors in console only and sometimes they don't pick up the actual problem too.

Icon customization

It's small but a nice feeling that you can pick your icon that goes on the iPad screen

Split windows

Split windows for multiple editors is awesome!

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