About the use case

At Fish Rules, our mobile apps are the primary way our users interact with our products.
Therefore, testing is really important. Waldo.io seemed to offer some really interesting features so I thought I'd try it out.

Note: This is a short one!

The reason why this is so short is I spent 2 hours trying to get this thing up and running and couldn't, so I bailed early.

Friction Logs

Social login

There wasn't a social login? Using a password is so frustrating now-a-days.

Large sign up form

The sign up form was really large and seemingly pointless.

Setup questions

There were numerous "Why do I have to do this?" when setting up (before I could get to the backend). For example, why can you only choose one platform (iOS or Android) on setup? Maybe that makes sense, but I don't know why.

Dead on arrival

It doesn’t work with React Native unless you bundle the js file with it manually as an XCode build step. The problem is doing that causes other issues for development and deployment, so I decided to just stop using it right then and there. Firebase’s Android auto-tests are useful enough for what we need for a quick smoke test. I was hoping to get more in the weeds but it's just not worth doing what they need you to do for a React Native app.

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